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Ladies, Get Your Masturbation Tips Here

Whether you are a woman just learning to masturbate or if you are a seasoned expert in self pleasure this page will be of interest to you.

If you are a female new to pleasuring yourself the tips and tricks covered on this page will help you find the masturbation techniques that are right for you and your body. For those women that have been masturbating themselves for a long time this page offers two things to you. The first is that you might find a masturbation tip that is new to you that you can add to your repetoire. The second thing is that you are invited to share your favourite masturbation tips with others so that they can enjoy them too.

If you would like contribute a self pleasure technique so that others can learn from your experience you can simply email us, anonymously is fine, at info at femalemasturbation.ca.

We'll post them here as we get them.