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Explore Different Female Masturbation Techniques
Ladies... There are an endless number of ways you can take care of yourself when the need arises. We'll explore many of them on this page.

We hope you will join us as we research the various methods and techniques women can use to masturbate themselves all the way to a euphoric, orgasmic finish.

Manual Stimulation

One of the most widely used female masturbation techniques is where the woman simply uses her own hand to stimulate herself. We'll be discussing manual masturbation techniques for women in depth in the coming weeks.

Sex Toys For Masturbation

Some women will use various sex toys when masturbating. Sex toys come in a very wide range of shapes and sizes and offer different types of sensations. Each woman has her own preferences and requirements in terms of what type of stimulation is required during masturbation in order to achieve maximum pleasure and orgasm. We'll show you plenty of sex toys that women can use to masturbate with on this and other pages of this site.

Visit our friends at libida.com, a great sex toy store online to browse some of the more popular types of sex toys that women use to masturbate.

Some of the most common types of sex toys for women are:

- Clitoral Vibrators

- Insertable Vibrators

- G-Spot Toys

- Dildos

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