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Female Masturbation Stories

Our small but growing and enthusiastic visitors have asked for it and we are going to deliver it. Whether you want to read female masturbation stories or submit them or find other resources of stories about women masturbating you will find it here.

Masturbation Stories By Women For Women

Of course, I have no way of knowing for sure if the people that have asked for this resource of stories about women masturbating really are females but... The overwhelming majority of them certainly claim to be ladies. Each woman has her own preference in terms of what the theme of the story should be but the common thread is that at least one female "character" in the story should end up pleasuring herself in one way or another, ideally all the way to orgasm.

Another thing that varies from woman to woman is the motivation they have for requesting this resource on female masturbation stories. Although it varies quite a bit the most popular reason cited is to use as "inspiration" or "stimulation" while she herself masturbates. In a few cases, these women have indicated that they have trouble reaching an orgasm while masturbating and that reading a story where another female masturbates to orgasm helps them get there themselves. Others simply say that they find stories of this nature to be an big turn on. Yet other women have said that they like stories about women jilling (a slang term for female masturbation) off becuase they learn about new female masturbation techniques that they sometimes then try out on themselves.

What The Men Have Said

I know, I know... Many of you are saying "WHO CARES!? (LOL)

But... I have to tell you I am surprised by what many of the men that have asked for a collection of female masturbation stories have said. As you might imagine, many just find the topic of women masturbating to a hot one that they use during their own wank sessions. However, many have indicated that they enjoy taking in these stories with their female partner because they both enjoy them. Others have indicated that they find stories about women getting themselves off to be a great educational resource. Learning how a woman pleasures herself while solo can give great insight as to how a man might go about pleasing his female lover in new and better ways. Ladies... Can that be a bad thing??? I say no!

Some Just Want To Share

A couple of the women that have asked for this section on female masturbation stories to be developed have offered to contribute content to this section. One woman was very clear about why she wanted to provide us with one of her own real masturbation stories. In short, she would take pleasure in knowing that others of you would read her story and use that as inspiration for youw own self pleasure session. Sounds almost like some sort of twist on exhibitionism... I don't know, I am not a professional of any kind so I am completely unqualified to say. All I can say is how it sort of struck me. I think it's sort of hot that one person would pour out their own erotic story for others to take in and enjoy and then in turn get off on that fact. Wow... hard to follow!

Stay tuned to this section of the site as we will be building on it as rapidly as we can.

In the meantime, you would like to submit a female masturbation story of your own please do so. Note that if you do send us one that you are doing so with the full knowledge that we intend to display it publicly for all to see and you waive all of your rights to the story.

We want original material. Do not copy someone else's work and submit as your own or on somone else's behalf. Ideally, you are a woman and are sharing one of your own real masturbation experiences (yes, you can embellish for effect if you would like) but complete fiction is ok too.

Send your female masturbation story to us at info at female masturbation.ca.

In the meantime, here are some erotic stories that might inspire you...

We reserve the right to decide what gets published and what we discard.