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 - How To Female Ejaculate

How To Female Ejaculate


Female ejaculation is a hot (VERY hot!!!) topic these days. Many women and their partners are interested in learning how to make it happen. Squirting orgasms takes women to a new level of physical pleasure and ecstasy.

The women on this video can make it happen... and squirt not just once, but over and over again. Fanny Fatale gives a detailed female anatomy lesson, and then invites three women to show you just how it's done. It's quite a spectacle, and Fanny and her charming, physically diverse compatriots will convince even skeptics that you can female ejaculate too!

Great use is made of sex toys, especially a beautiful lucite dildo.

In this DVD on Female Ejaculation:

- Every woman can ejaculate because all women have the anatomy

- Learn to find and eel the elusive G-Spot — It’s Easy!

- The Fluid—Its Taste, Smell and Chemical Make-up

- Tighten pelvic muscles that assist female ejaculation

- Toys, Techniques and Attitudes — How to Gush like a Fountain!

Director: Nan Kinney
Production Company: Isis Media
Production Date: 1992

Performers: Barbara Sundahl, Carol Queen, Shannon Bell

Run Time: 60 minutes

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