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 - Celebrating Orgasm

Celebrating Orgasm


Watch as real women with real bodies have authentic toe-clenching orgasms with a little help from "orgasm coach" Betty Dodson.

We are not talking about raunchy, hardcore porn here (not this isn't as sexy and hot as anything!). We are talking about instruction and education using real people.

This educational DVD movie shows 5 different sessions Dodson has with women of various ages, and teaches you the viewer how to have, and better enjoy, orgasms through a combination of breathing, pelvic rocking, Kegel exercises and simple genital appreciation.

I assure you that the sight of each woman masturbating with her Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and vaginal dildo will have any woman rushing to try this at home.

The trust and affection Dodson inspires in her clients is truly something to behold.

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Celebrating Orgasm is an inspirational reminder of the rewards of exploring and cultivating our sexual ABC's. In Betty Dodson's newest erotic sex-ed video, you have a ringside seat for private sessions with five uniquely different women, ages 26 to 62. By creating a extraordinary space of trust, Betty is able to do hands on coaching as each client practices masturbation and is guided through a step-by-step process. From all angles and in sharp close ups, you watch the women use different forms of clitoral stimulation including fingers, electric vibrators, and dildos. There's no faking here, just a look of utter joy on the face of a woman, a gasp of pleasure or a burst of spontaneous laughter.

Read what others have said about Betty Dodson's "Celebrating Orgasm" video:

Betty Dodson is a genuine hero of the women's movement. Her passionate defense of masturbation and women's right to orgasm has been a beacon of light for over two decades. Her new video, Celebrating Orgasm, will be of tremendous use to sex educators and therapists who talk about women's bodies and women's orgasms. This fascinating work illustrates the coaching techniques Dodson uses to educate women about their capacities for sexual sensation, breathing, movement, vocalization, and orgasm. It is so powerful that women viewers weep with joy and relief, even as they shed a few tears over lost opportunities and misinformation. This film could be a defining moment in the lives of its viewers. I cannot recommend it too highly.

- Leonore Tiefer, Ph.D.
Author, Sex is Not a Natural Act and other essays.

Betty Dodson reveals her "Seven Techniques for Achieving Orgasmic Ecstasy" in Celebrating Orgasm, an intimate portrayal of her private training sessions with five different women. Betty's pioneering, hand-on coaching in genital massage and using vibrators and dildos elicits spontaneous, authentic orgasm from her fortunate and attentive clients.

- Good Vibrations, The Sexuality Library

One of the many unique things about Betty Dodson's videos is that they are for everyone, from sex novices to the world's greatest sex experts. Celebrating Orgasm is an absolutely brilliant example. If only they gave acadamy awards for the greatest instructional sex videos, Betty would win them all. Two thumbs up and deep inside.

- Annie Sprinkle, Porn Star, Artist, Author, Multi-media Pleasure Activist

No faked orgasms here! Betty hovers over her women clients like the orgasm goddess she is, offering sage advice and wisdom the way no other sex expert ever has. Here's a true celebration of orgasm!

- Kim Airs, Proprietress, Grand Opening!

Celebrating Orgasm is a warm, frank approach to learning how to experience greater sexual fulfillment though knowledgable self-pleasuring and understanding. Every women, regardless of what she knows, should take a peek at this beautful video.

- Candida Royalle, Erotic Film Director

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