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Jilling Off

Jilling is another name for the act of a woman pleasuring herself. When guys do it is often called "jacking", or "jerking" off. I am sure the term "jilling" stems from the name girl's name "Jill" from the old nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill".

The objective of this website is to explore the world of "female masturbation" or "jilling". We are building a great resource of information for both women and men on the following topics:

- Female Masturbation Techniques For Women

- Erotic Stories For Women

- How Women Masturbate

- Female Masturbation Techniques

... And much much more on the subject of female solo sex and self pleasure.

Be sure to bookmark this site and check back frequently as we add to this resource on the important matter of female masturbation or... "jilling off".

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