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Free Erotic Stories

The Internet offer a vast resource of free sexy, erotic stories and tales. Many studies suggest that women tend to be less driven by visuals than men and usually appreciate more subtle, sensual forms of stimulation. An erotic story that takes her mind on a sexy journey can be highly sensual and a real turn-on for many women.

This site focuses on female masturbation but when it comes to self-pleasure both men and women often turn to various sources of "inspiration" to help enhance their experience. Whereas a man might opt to surf for some erotic images or videos to aid in his masturbation session a woman might be a little more likely to seek out some free erotic stories to get herself fired up during her solo self-pleasure time.

Erotic stories and literature are widely available for free at various websites on the Internet including this one in the near future. One feature we are considering adding to this site is the ability for you, our visitors, to contribute your erotic stories so that other females (or guys for that matter) can enjoy them and use them for inspiration during their own solo sex sessions. That idea in and of itself might cause the contributor to be a little turned on knowing that their own sexy thoughts might be viewed and enjoyed by some stranger (male or female) and used as a stimulus for their own masturbation and eventual orgasm.

Here is a great selection of some sexy erotic stories we think you will enjoy.

If you think you would like to contribute your own erotic story or stories to us to share with others for free please drop us a line at info at femalemasturbation.ca.